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Today, we're not going to be covering specific grievances relating to living in an apartment in Lubbock. Instead, we're talking about an issue that plagues everyone regardless of their living situation.

Dust and dirt.

I hate this crap.

I hate how if I leave a flat surface in my living room alone for a week it gets destroyed by this stuff. I can't even get it off completely with those compressed air cans since it's so caked on. Then, like an idiot, I usually end up tossing it all up into the air, irritating my eyes and nose and just making me a sad boy.

There are multiple solutions, I know. I could just deep clean the apartment more frequently (I am, however, quite lazy), I could get someone over to ensure my windows and doors are properly sealed from the outside, or I could just get over it and accept the rulings of my haboob overlords whilst laying in my own special dirt pile.

It'd honestly be kinda nice if I could just seal myself away in my own living quarters and be free from the struggles of the outside world, but that seems like it'd get...bleak after a while. But maybe it'd be worth it? Maybe then I'd stop complaining for once?


Nah. Who am I kidding? I'm gonna complain no matter what. It's too much fun.

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