This story is sponsored by American Shaman of Lubbock.

I'm a pretty skeptical person. I think crystals are....really pretty. Tarot decks are... pretty fun. Astrological signs? Generic enough to apply to anyone.

What I can tell you with confidence is that CBD products have improved my personal health and the health of people I care about. Because it was so foolishly regulated against in the past, we've lost out on years of researching the benefits of this product in scientific studies. However, new studies are getting started every day.

In the meantime, I encourage you to try it for yourself. American Shaman in Lubbock can help you find the best product and dosing for your needs.

If you're like me and you like to know before you go, here are the store's six best-selling products available at any of their three locations in Lubbock. Visit the one closest to you at 3408 82nd Street, 2147 50th Street, or 5407 4th Street, or visit them online.

We stopped by recently, and here are their six most popular products.

  • 1

    1000 mg Gummies

    I'm going to start with my preferred dose and product. Yes, it's a hefty dose, but when I want to stay ahead of chronic back pain, it's really effective. These are tasty and fun. I usually have one after dinner, which lets me get nice and relaxed before bed.

    Justin Massoud
  • 2

    Nano Kava Kava

    This is the one and only non-CBD product on the list. Kava is a root that's used to produce a drink with sedative, anesthetic, and euphoriant properties. In other words, its good for anxiety, pain and improving your mood.

    Justin Massoud
  • 3

    Cloud Tincture

    This water soluble tincture comes in several flavors and can be used in a vape. Just ask at the store how to properly dilute. Or you can can just put a couple drops on your tongue.

    Justin Massoud
  • 4

    Anti-Inflammatory Cream

    Sore muscles, creaky joints or a bad back? This topical cream is ultra-concentrated, so a jar will last you a long time. A little bit spreads over a large area easily.

    Justin Massoud
  • 5

    CBD & Terpene Rich Topical Serum

    Another non-ingested product to specially target problem areas, like the lower back or stiff neck and shoulders after hours of working at a computer.

    Justin Massoud
  • 6

    Water Soluble Tincture

    Available in four flavors, including the fairly neutral "natural," the water-soluble tincture can be added to any drink. Natural is great in your morning coffee.

    Justin Massoud