It's the year to get healthy, and United Supermarkets is continuing their 'Build A Better Basket' campaign for 2016 with the focus being to 'Color Our Baskets.'

We spoke with Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets about adding color to our baskets. Green was for January, and February is the natural month to add red to our regimen.

It's easy and delicious to do, so get red-dy to be a healthier you in 2016 with these six simple tips.

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The United Supermarket Family is making healthy shopping easier by helping you build a better basket. Find out more at United Supermarkets’ official website.

  • 1

    Kidney Beans

    One cup equals half the daily fiber requirement and they are delicious. You can also puree them for a refried consistency or add the puree to soups instead of flour as a thickener. They're also great on salads and rice.

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    Not only are strawberries beautiful and delicious, but they also have more vitamin C (ounce-for-ounce) than oranges. Put them in your oatmeal or cereal in the morning for an added zing!

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    Red rice

    Not a color we usually associate with rice, but these grains of goodness contain more nutrients than white rice.

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  • 4

    Red cabbage

    Loaded with fiber and antioxidants and tons more vitamin C than green cabbage. It also contains anti-fungal properties. Red cabbage adds color, texture and crunch to salads, tacos or soups.


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  • 5


    Loaded with lycopene and vitamin C, tomatoes also have properties that can help prevent prostate cancer.

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  • 6

    Red raspberries

    These little bumpy orbs of goodness contain vitamin C antioxidants and fiber, plus add tart deliciousness to salads, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt and the list goes on and on.

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