This post is sponsored by United Supermarkets.

United Supermarkets is helping people start off 2021 on the right foot with a free digital cookbook that highlights key diet trends.

"I know this new year has already gotten off to an interesting start, but we want to encourage you to get off to a good start," said Brenda Garcia, United Family corporate dietician, highlighting the importance of that very word: 'start.'

"It's not about how many times you stop, it's about how many times you get started," she explained. "Sometimes we get started with eating better or eating right, and then things happen that maybe stress you out."

Sound familiar? You're not alone.

And what happens when people get stressed out? Well, for a lot of folks, it makes them eat. Not healthy food, either. The indulgent stuff that packs on pounds. To better reach as many people as possible, United is focusing on three current diet trends as ways to get fit and eat healthy.

"We start off the new year focusing on different diet trends...things like keto, paleo, plant-based," Garcia said. "So to get things started, we have a cookbook that has recipes that are keto-friendly, paleo-friendly...we're not saying any one of those diets is the right one, but we're saying there's some good things to all of them."

No matter which diet you pick, Garcia said, whole food and veggies should always be a foundation to build off.

United Supermarkets' website,, explains more about those three diets, goes over the benefits they each offer and even offers a free cookbook with 20 recipes available for free now.

You can take care of your body and start 2021 off the right way, right now.

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