Does that seem like your life? It is mosquito season and you already know that you are going to be a hot mess of bites and bumps. You wear mosquito spray instead of perfume on a daily basis. You know that is just the way your life is going to go.

Is there a reason that mosquitoes seem to love you over your friends? I have often wondered this because I am one that mosquitoes just don't seem to care for. So is there a reason for that too? So what are some of the factors that make mosquitoes love you a bit more than someone else?

Are you a bit stressed out about it? Well stress is one thing that attracts those little buggers. When you stress your body produces hormones that come out when you sweat. Those hormones are something that mosquitoes are drawn to.

Do you like to exercise a lot? If so that actually raises your body temp. That body temp helps your body to produce more carbon dioxide and lactic acid, both of which mosquitoes just love. If you are pregnant you also produce more carbon dioxide so watch out.

If you don't shower every day you might find yourself with more bites. Mosquitoes are attracted to bacteria. That bacteria they love tends to have more near our ankles. So if you are getting bit a lot in that area that may be why. Wash your feet and ankles to avoid that.

Mosquitoes also tend to love dark clothing, especially the blues, blacks and red clothing. They are attracted to those colors more than they are any of the lighter colors. So maybe change your wardrobe up a bit....especially at night. When you make plans to go hang out and play some volleyball with your friends at the sandcourts at Southwest Park maybe rethink your wardrobe.

Oh and boy do mosquitoes just love that alcohol. As you have a drink it dilates the blood vessels in your skin. When that happens it makes your skin warmer which attracts those critters. Mosquitoes are also attracted to that ethanol that comes out in your sweat. So alcohol gives those bugs a little extra reason to come an snack on you.

So as you are probably spending a bit more time outside during the summer just know there are some reasons you end up with more bites that others. Just consider yourself one of those lucky ones that the mosquitoes just love.

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