The recent rains in Lubbock have made a lot of Lubbock residents happy and that include Lubbock's mosquito population. Lubbock's Public Health Department recently confirmed that West Nile Virus has been confirmed in Lubbock's mosquito population. In a partnership between Vector Control and the Biological Threat Research Lab at Texas Tech University mosquitoes are captured throughout Lubbock, and the county, and then brought into the lab for testing.

Recent tests did show that some mosquitoes were positive for carrying West Nile Virus which means Vector Control will increase spraying for mosquitoes in the areas that had positive mosquitoes. The Public Health Department urges citizens to reduce their risk of getting bit by mosquitoes by wearing an EPA registered insect repellant, covering up all skin exposed areas with long clothing, limiting outdoor activities during peak mosquito activity and dumping standing water around homes where mosquitoes could lay their eggs.

The virus is specifically found in birds but mosquitoes that feed off infected birds can carry the virus and then transfer it to humans, it is not spreadable through contact with an infected person. Symptoms for the virus can typically result in headaches, fever, muscle and joint aches along with nausea and fatigue. There is also the rare instance of a central nervous system infection that could lead to other serious symptoms such as disorientation, convulsions, tremors and even lead to a coma.

There is currently no way to treat people that have the virus and people over the age of 50 years old and people with health issues are at high risks of falling ill to the virus. Anyone that believes they have the virus is urged to call their primary care physician or healthcare provider, more information about West Nile Virus can be found online.

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