I was talking about my friend and mentor Lew Dee yesterday morning. Well, I got a Facebook friend request from a guy named Bill and he sent me a link to some audio of a friend of his calling-in to 98kool and playing a song he wrote for Lew. This is CLASSIC Lubbock radio!

Here's what Bill's Facebook message said:

I thought you were already on my friend list, but if not, you should hear the "phone-in" to Lew Dee from an old friend of mine.(a few years ago) Drop in for a listen if ya wanna. In honor of Lew Dee and Diana's many years of service to so many music lovers as the "Voice" of Lubbock radio, I sincerely thank them! That's why I want to remind them of Gary's 'phone in'.

Here's the audio:


I also found this picture of Lew & Diana on Lew's Facebook page. The key to good health: coffee, cigarettes and a beautiful wife.

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