If a park ranger is hammered drunk, who's going to save hikers who get trapped under rocks and have to saw their own arms off? More importantly, who's going to protect America's pic-a-nic baskets?

Tyson Young is a California state park ranger. He was on duty back on August 15th at Humboldt Redwoods State Park in northern California...but his head clearly wasn't in the game.

Because a hiker walked past Tyson's patrol car and saw him SLEEPING inside...with an open can of Keystone Light BEER between his legs.

So the guy took a photo, sent it to a blog, and they posted it on Instagram last week. He also called 911 the day it happened...but by the time the cops got there, Tyson had driven away. So they caught up to him and pulled him over for drunk driving.

A spokeswoman from the California state parks department says Tyson has been placed on administrative leave while they investigate.

Here's the photo:


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