A comedian named Tom Mabe decided that his friend who has a SERIOUS drinking problem needed to be taught a lesson after he got his FIFTH DUI.  So he waited until he passed out drunk, and pulled a pretty crazy prank.

Mabe and his friends took an empty office, set it up like a hospital room, and put the guy in the bed.  Then when he finally came to...they made him think he'd crashed his car and been in a ten-year COMA.  And they got REALLY elaborate with it.

The video is below, and about three minutes in, a "doctor" turns on a TV showing a fake news report about Miley Cyrus living in a TRAILER PARK, and Justin Bieber celebrating his 10-year anniversary with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Then Mabe finally reveals it's a prank by pretending to be a doctor who's testing the guy's reflexes...by slapping him in the FACE over and over again.

At that point, the guy figures it out and starts LAUGHING. But Mabe just keeps slapping him and yelling that getting five DUI's is NOT FUNNY.

He wakes up at :55, and they tell him he was in a coma at 1:52.  Then he watches the fake news report at 2:47, and the slaps start at 4:17.

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