There's a restaurant in Las Vegas called the Heart Attack Grill, and they claim to serve some of the world's least healthy burgers. They even have a policy where people over 350 pounds eat free.

Well, on Saturday, a man in his 40s was eating at the Heart Attack Grill...and had an ACTUAL HEART ATTACK.

Other people in the restaurant thought it was a PUBLICITY STUNT, and took photos of the guy. But it wasn't a publicity stunt. Paramedics had to come in and take him to the hospital. He's said to be recovering.

Several of the Heart Attack Grill's burgers are named after heart attacks. The guy was eating one called the Triple Bypass Burger when he had his.

That's a triple burger with 12 strips of bacon, cheese, and special sauce. It's also accompanied by fries cooked in lard.

Here's an amateur video of paramedics wheeling the guy out:

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