The craft coffee scene in Lubbock is growing for sure. And I'm excited to check out the most recent place to open, Tova.

A big reason why is that it is dedicated to donating its profits to Lubbock charities, helping our community every day.

In case you didn't know, I'm really big on charity. Donating time and money to as many causes as I can makes me happy. That's one of the reasons I am looking forward to checking out the newest joint in Lubbock called Tova Coffeehouse.

Located at 6023 82nd St. Suite 1, it's in the old TT Donuts location, just down from Double Dave's Pizza. Tova means to do or make something, and I think they're doing and making great things. They have lots of tables for studying or hanging out and couches for chillin', too. With coffee, tea and snacks, it sounds like a nice spot to drop in for a treat any day.

But the main reason I'm personally going to support Tova is their commitment to being a non-profit establishment who donates their proceeds to local Lubbock charities, trying to alleviate poverty in our community.

Part of their goals are:

Over years of listening and seeking to understand, common themes have emerged that have little to do with the conventional definition of poverty: feelings of isolation, shame, hopelessness and the fight to overcome generational barriers. 

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