Signature Stag is a fine men's wear clothing store that started in Midland. August 28th they are prepared to open their doors to their brand new Lubbock location.

If you're into dressing well and looking superb, then Signature Stag probably has you in mind. They are a high end clothing and grooming store for men. And ladies always love a well groomed man, at least that's what I've been told.

Specializing in fine men's clothing and grooming products is their forte. They've done gangbusters in their flagship store in Midland. And now Signature Stag is opening a brand new store in Lubbock on August 28th at 10:30 am in The Hub Shopping Center at 73rd and Milwaukee.

Be prepared for a new kind of fine men's store in Lubbock, Signature Stag. Look below and notice the free beer? I thought you might.


Hunting, Smoking & Drinking Tools

Boot Shines, Beard Trims, Free Beer

-What more could a man ask for?🍻

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