We're used to blowing dirt in Lubbock. It sucks (or blows, actually), but we're used to it. We're accustomed to the dirt blowing into every damn crack and crevice on earth, including our mouths and other orifices. But this will be African dirt. That's new.

According to The Weather Channel, there's a strong series of winds that blows across the Sahara Desert. These winds pick up thousands of tons of Saharan dust and kicks it up into the atmosphere where winds carry it across the Atlantic Ocean and deposit it usually somewhere in South America, mainly Brazil.

This time, however, there's another wind that caught some of that dust and started blowing it north across the Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico, and into Texas.

Dallas has already seen hazy skies from the African dust (check out this picture of Six Flags from The Dallas News), and some could possibly blow into our area, too.

So instead of our usual dust blowing in from the west, this will come up from the south, but it originated far east on another continent.

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