Real estate website Zumper ranked Lubbock as the 10th best city to raise a family. And while the violent crime rate knocked us down a bit, the easy commute brought us back up. But wait, how bad is our violent crime rate?

The Darrow Law Firm out of Houston annually ranks all Texas cities with a population over 100,000 people, according to their crime rates. Last year Lubbock tied with Killeen for 7th place. That's right, we tied with a city that has the word KILL in their name! Well that was last year! And time's have changed, my friends. This year, at least as far as I can tell from the numbers, Lubbock has improved greatly in the violent crime statistics. This year we moved all the way up to #4! With a whopping 446.47 violent crimes per 100,000 people we really told Killeen who's the true killer in Texas! \

We did such a great job moving up the list this year that only Odessa, Beaumont, and Houston outranked us. And I for one would like to say congratulations Lubbock! I bet if we work even harder this year, we can move up to 3rd, or 2nd. Or, fingers crossed, we might just hit that coveted #1 spot! So get to stabbing, folks! We've got a pretty lofty goal, but with teamwork and and good old fashioned rage we can take over the top spot and be #1 in the best state in America! USA! USA!

But don't forget that short commute time sure makes up for all the stabbings and assaults doesn't it.

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