At this point, tattoos are so ubiquitous it's arguably more rebellious NOT to get one. Like, if you're at a biker bar and see someone with NO tattoos, don't you think, "Wow, what a rebel"?

The people at Harris Interactive just released the results of a new poll on tattoos in the U.S.  Here are the five big things they found...

1.  22% of people have at least one tattoo. That's almost one in four people.

2.  But...49% of people still believe that people with tattoos are MORE REBELLIOUS.  Only 4% say people with tattoos are less rebellious.

3.  4% say a tattoo makes you look more INTELLIGENT...27% say it makes you look less intelligent.

4.  12% of people said tattoos make someone sexier...31% said tattoos make someone less sexy.

5.  That being said, if you want to get KINKY, you look for a tattoo.  23% of people say they think someone with a tattoo is more likely to do something deviant...only 3% say someone with a tattoo is less likely to do something deviant.

(Harris Interactive)

Do YOU have a tattoo? Do you regret it? Does it make you feel rebellious?

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