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I saw this story today, and immediately felt better about my stance on not getting a tattoo, like...ever.

Courtesy of the New York Post:

Apparently, this young aspiring rapper decided to spend $200 to get a tattoo on his arm with the words "Dream Chaser" to remind him every day to chase his dreams. Well, he should have been reminded to research better tattoo shop.

When the art was done, the young man discovered that the tattoo artist had actually stenciled it on his arm BACKWARDS and then inked it. The end result being that our young rapper could only read it when he was standing in front of a mirror.

Some of his friends has stated that they still think it's cool, but his parents firmly believe that they think they've raised a dumbass. Yeah, I'm on the side of the parents.

Friends don't let friends get stupid tattoos.

Check out the viral clip below:

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