Texas is full of many amazing tattoo artists that all specialize in different styles. If you're looking for some good artists in Texas, a great place to check is on Instagram and even TikTok. Artists have taken to these platforms to show off their work and gain clients through their posts.

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Along with all of these tattoo artists taking to platforms like TikTok, they come up with various trend that many shops will take on because many clients enjoy it. One of those trends are shops having a mystery tattoo system where customers pay a flat rate to either roll a die or randomly receive a tattoo design to get done that day. One of the most popular methods for people to randomly receive a tattoo is through a gumball machine full of drawings.

A tattoo apprentice and piercer at the Houston, Texas tattoo shop Bloodline Tattooz recently showed a perfect example of this.

This shop is doing $25 mystery tattoos every Sunday and Thursday using the gumball machine. Depending on the shop, the rules will vary on if you can re-draw a design or if you have to pay again for a new selection. They also vary on the size of the tattoo and if they offer color or not. This shop in particular seems to offer small tattoos without color according to the TikTok video.

I think this is a really fun way for adventurous people to try something new and have some fun. I follow a few tattoo artists and would be happy to get absolutely anything they designed tattooed because I love their work that much.

So if there's a tattoo artist out there who you really love and they offer something like this, why not get a mystery tattoo?

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