Here at Kool FM we get letters every day from our listeners. We read every letter and pay attention to each and every one of your concerns.

90% of the letters we get are nice notes asking us to announce something for them, thanking us for announcing their birthday or even requesting a song for their anniversary.

9% of listener letters are from people who are mad that we made a joke about their favorite political candidate or that we 'never play' some song or another...or that we play some song or another too often.

And 1% of the letters are from people with WAAAYYY too much time on their hands. This is one of those letters.

First of all, we would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to this anonymous listener for apparently listening to us for what must have been THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT!

Secondly, 'THANK YOU AGAIN!' for sending us this letter on a Friday. You just made our weekend.