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Are Lubbock drivers being scammed? I'd say it is very possible.

On Thursday a group appeared at the intersection of 82nd and Quaker, holding signs about a child named Luca battling a brain tumor and asking for money. But this isn't the first time I've seen this type of fundraiser before.

Weeks ago I was traveling to Austin when we saw a group of people at a busy intersection raising money for a child with leukemia. Two weeks later, a group appeared in Lubbock raising money for a child with the same name and same type of signs.

I reached out to a local law enforcement officer who said they are aware of these groups and believe they are scams. And sadly, these scams are popping up across the United States.

Reports in Kansas City, Florida, El Paso and more shows groups raising money for children that have turned out to be scams.

The latest group in Lubbock appeared on Thursday with signs similar to those used in other areas including weeks ago in Lubbock at the intersection of South Loop 289 and Quaker. Now, I can't say 100% that this group is a bunch of scammers, but if I were you, I'd do some homework on any group asking for money in an intersection.

We live in a great town with people who want to help others and who hate seeing sick kids. People are generous in Lubbock and some have no problem using our generosity against us. There are many great non-profit organizations that raise money for kids fighting cancer, I would suggest donating to those groups or people that you know personally. If you do feel compelled to donate to people raising money in intersections, ask questions, and see what answers you get and if you still feel comfortable donating.

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