I put on Guardians of the Galaxy on my Blu-ray player this morning, and have the movie going in the background while I work. I’m not paying too much attention, but every couple of minutes another great song comes on the soundtrack that sets my toe tapping. That would be the now-famous “Awesome Mix Vol. 1,” the cassette tape bequeathed to Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord by his dying mom. The keepsake, collecting some of the finest pop songs of the late ’70s and early ’80s, formed the spine of Guardians’ soundtrack, and even became a crucial plot point. And at the end of the film, Peter finds “Awesome Mix Vol. 2,” setting up the sequel, coming to theaters next month.

The full contents of Vol. 2 has been a closely guarded secret for years, although selected songs have appeared in some of Guardians 2’s marketing, like Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” But now we finally have the complete tracklist, via Rolling Stone:


As with Guardians Vol. 1, some of the tracks appear in the film more prominently than others. I don’t even remember where “Surrender” showed up (probably during a scene where a character surrenders?) but “Brandy” by Looking Glass is heard repeatedly throughout the film, and actually becomes a fairly significant part of one character’s storyline. And no, that’s not a typo, the final song, “Guardians Inferno,” does feature the vocal stylings of one David Hasselhoff. It’s quite a thing. At the risk of spoilers, I will say no more. As the image says, you can get your copy of Awesome Mix. Vol. 2 on April 21.

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