We are getting down to the wire, and at this point, many of us run out to a drug store or discount city in a panic and grab the first stuffed animal we see and one of the only Mother's Day cards left in a foraged aisle. But there are still amazing gift options out there for Mother's Day if you know where to look.

Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets suggested taking Mom on a picnic with some of the subs available at United, Market Street, Amigos and Alberstons.

She also reminded us that it's cherry season, which make a delicious and beautiful compliment to your picnic gift.

Moms also love flowers, so select a bunch of your mom's favorite flowers or get her favorite blooming plant.

Little ones may even want to gift mom with one of the adorable mini hydrangea plants available.

You can also choose from a wide variety or home decor, jewelry or candles for mom. And if you really want to ramp up the love and think outside the box, select wine, jewelry, gift cards, coffee, mugs, wine glasses or whatever mom loves and have the ladies in the florist center create a one of a kind gift basket for mom.

Most moms give selflessly to their families. They make time for us, love us, nurture us, encourage us, protect us and make us feel special. So this year, take an extra minute and return that love to your Mom.

Just like the macaroni art card from first grade, she will never forget it.

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