In a time of worldwide lockdowns, raging forest fires, hurricanes, and other things that make each day feel like you're living in some kind of crazy science fiction movie, it's nice to have a story with a happy ending.

Even better when that story involves a baby goat that gets rescued by a little girl.

Meet Shawarma D. Goat. Yup. They gave the little guy a name. Shawarma is a little kid that got trapped in a small pit in the Phillippines. A little girl was playing and shouting and heard Shawarma calling out for his mother but she first thought it was just another child. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that the very young kid had fallen into a hole in the ground and become separated from its herd.

The kid was rescued from his predicament and brought home while the family worked out the best way to return it to its family.

They planned to take the likable little critter around their neighborhood the next morning to see who Shawarma actually belonged to but they woke up to a rainy day. It wasn't until later in the afternoon that they were able to get outside and set about their mission.

After a couple hours of wandering around the village with no success they came up on a small herd of goats with no shepherd.

After a few calls back and forth between Shawarma and the herd it became obvious that this was where the little guy belonged. You can tell the instant Shawarma realizes that's his mother waiting just up the road.

All's well that ends well. Shawarma made some new friends, the human kids had a fun time, and everyone went home happy.

If only 2020 would get around to a happy ending like that.

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