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Researchers today announced that they have discovered a type of gas in the clouds of Venus, that could possibly give credence to the claim that alien life exists on other planets.

According to an article by The Verge (Link Here), the noxious gas, known as Phosphine, was found in a layer of the clouds that closely resembles Earth's temperature, and is actually something that can be made right here on Earth, either artificially for weapons, or naturally in the poop of animals.

Wait...Earth Poop is in the clouds of Venus?

Well, maybe not exactly Earth Poop, but the chemical makeup is close enough that scientists are heralding this as a great discovery that could bring us closer to the answer of whether life exists on other planets.

But, back to the is something that occurs naturally in animal poop, an has a nasty odor of garlic and dead fish. So, it's rather rank.

Smelly Animal Poop in the clouds of Venus. Breathe that one in...or don't.

I always wondered where the dog was hiding his "deposits", we know. He's like "Astro" from The Jetsons. The good news is that the neighbor's are not likely to complain that he's pooping in their yard...

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