A few weeks back I gave you my list of my favorite places to eat Mexican food in Lubbock. Now, to keep the lists a flowing, I'm switching gears and am giving you my personal favorite or best places to get BBQ in Lubbock. Check out the list and see if your favorites match up with mine and feel free to leave me your favorite in the Facebook Comments below the story. Can't wait to see what you all have.

  • chadmiller, Flickr
    chadmiller, Flickr

    Wiley's BBQ

    Buford Wiley coached at Dunbar here in Lubbock but now serves up some of the finest BBQ in the Hub City. I stumbled upon Wiley's BBQ when a listener called me over ten years ago telling me they have Kool 98 on the radio all the time out there. They obviously have good taste in music and great tasting BBQ. I suggest you try their Ribs or Brisket as both are cooked to perfection. Make sure you tell coach "Hi" from Landon at Kool.

  • mandydale, Flickr
    mandydale, Flickr

    Eddie's BBQ

    I imagine when Yankees dream about Texas BBQ, they dream about Eddie's. It's located in the old Juan in a Million's on East 50th. I loved Juan in a Millions and i'm glad it's Eddie's. Their food is fantastic and they serve quite possibly the best pork loin in Texas. Their ribs are awesome as well.

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    Dickey's is fairly new to Lubbock. I wasn't sure about this new comer until I tried their smoked pork. That's when I knew that Dickey's was alright by me.

  • VirtualErn, Flickr
    VirtualErn, Flickr

    Tom & Bingo's

    Dwayne and his family at Tom & Bingo's have built a Lubbock staple for BBQ. Tom and Bingo's was featured in Texas Monthly and draws huge lunch crowds to their tiny building on 34th street. Every time I visit it's the same order: sliced brisket sandwich, hickory burger and original Lays potato chips. That combination on the order makes for the perfect BBQ trio for lunch.

  • jeffgunn, Flickr
    jeffgunn, Flickr

    J&M BBQ

    Trust me when I say this, order the Frito Pie.

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