When you hear the word Bingo you probably think of blue hairs and retirement homes. Not this time friend. This is Bingo for big kids, and it gets wild.

Wednesday night Downtown Social in the Depot District is hosting Mother F'n Bingo. And as the name implies, this isn't your grandma's Bingo game. This will be Bingo like you've never seen before. I'll be hosting the shenanigans so you know its going to be wild.

It is free to play, so that's awesome.

There will be chances to win free food and drinks while you play.

The prizes are ridiculous and awesome. You know those things you see on TV and want to buy, but just can't allow yourself to spend real money on them? Yeah we're giving stuff like that away. Think things like the Shake Weight, and other stupid prizes you know you really want. Oh and other adult things you might not actually buy for yourself...I'll let your imagination fill in that blank.

Drink specials all night long including: $3 Domestics, $3 Wells, $3 Fireball, and $3 Lemon Drops open to close.

There will also be dance-offs, and sing offs, and any other embarrassing kind of contest in case of ties. Oh and random rounds of shots might just appear on your table too. You know, to grease the party wheels of your mind.

Once again, its free to play, and you win stuff. There's no losing here. Its funny and dirty and you'll have more fun than is legal in Alabama. And Mississippi too, probably.

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