New Boston singer Tommy DeCarlo has NO CLUE when their next album is coming out, but he says it'll be worth the wait.

He tells "Classic Rock" magazine, quote, "Unfortunately I don't have a time frame . . . TOM [Scholz is] quite a perfectionist when it comes to his sound and his music.  It's not always done in a timely fashion.

"But when it gets done, it's fantastic.  I'm with all the fans . . . I'm excited to hear it myself.  Let's keep our fingers crossed."

Last year, Tom claimed the album was "85% complete."

Boston's last album "Corporate America" came out a DECADE ago, in 2002.  But they're known for having long breaks between albums.  Boston has only released FIVE albums in 36 YEARS.

Question:  Is this new album going to be worth the 10-year wait since the last Boston album, or worth the 36-year wait since the last good Boston album?

This will be Boston's first album with DeCarlo, who was working at a Home Depot when BRAD DELP committed suicide in 2007.  He was discovered through some Delp tribute videos he did and posted on MySpace.