The 58th annual Carol of the Lights at Texas Tech was this year on Friday, December 1. The 2016 Christmas season is well underway and Texas Tech alumni and people from around the world enjoyed this year's ceremony.

A large crowd of all ages filled Memorial Circle and the Engineering Key, clustered to see the choir sing and the band play. Anticipation grew as the Saddle Tramps carried their torches through the Engineering Key. The 17th president of the university, Lawrence Schovanec, gave an address, and then more than 25,000 lights lit up 18 buildings on Texas Tech's campus.

While the night may have been a little rainy and there was a chill in the air, everyone cheered when the lights came on. This year was extra special since quite a few students helped to deck the buildings in Christmas cheer.

People around the globe watched the event on a live stream that was available through Texas Tech's website.

The Carol of Lights will be lit nightly on the Texas Tech campus through January 1, 2017.


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