Halloween has come and gone another year. Tons of candy and dressing. It's always a fun holiday. Being able to dress up and be somebody/something different and really just getting to express you.

I’m sure everybody has seen or heard about the Coronado Student who gave his teacher the basketball shoes he had always wanted. Such a great story. I feel we all really needed to see that students are making in a difference in peoples’ lives. Well, Coronado is at it again with just being good-hearted kids and wanting to help.

This year, I spent it with some really good friends that helped me to become a better person. I joined my friends Mykaela and Benner (main picture) while they went trick-or-treating at Coronado High School. Mykaela is 10 year old in the 5th grade and Benner is 7-year-old in the 2nd grade at Preston Smith.

Jennifer Strong who is one of the FCCLA sponsors at Coronado High School shared some good information with me about this event they hold every year:

We host a trick or treat at this school every year, at Coronado, where we invite preschool students from around LISD to come trick or treat at our campus. But we also specialize in having the special needs students come because we give them a safe environment to trick or treat, that they might not otherwise get. We have been doing this event for well over 10 years and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. We just love to do it.

Rachel, KFMX

At this trick or treat, every special needs student is paired up with an FCCLA student to help them around to the different classes. What’s cool about this is some students from every class stand out their door and handed out candy just as if you were going house to house.

This isn’t something that they just throw together. The teachers and students go all out for it of course having a costume on but also decorating the doors, their classrooms and even the hallways. Which made it such a fun experience.

Seeing all of these kids just as happy as they could be really did make my heart so full and happy. I hope that more schools can really get involved because this is something good for the kids and does actually make a difference in their lives.

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