Lubbock native Damon O' Steen followed his dream of writing and directing films all the way to Los Angeles. Now, he's bringing his talent back to the Hub City to film a pilot that's a mix between Lost and Super 8 and set at Stars & Stripes Drive-In.

Phantom Nights is the name of the project, and Damon will hold open auditions this Sunday, February 21, from 1 to 6 p.m. at 2715 81st Street in Lubbock.

The plot of Phantom Nights involves strange and mysterious occurrences that have taken place at the Stars & Stripes Drive-In for the past 50 years. The story follows a group of friends who run a film club at the drive-in and happen upon an old film canister which sheds new light on an old missing persons case

The pilot was written by O'Steen, who will also direct the sci-fi project which begins filming around late February or early March. It will be executive produced and distributed by Los Angeles based New Form Production Company, which is backed by legendary producers and directors Ron Howard and Brian Glazer.

O'Steen said that extras will be needed, but primarily the roles he is looking to cast will be for the male and female leads, ages 18-21. He's also looking for adults in their 40s to play the parents and two young brothers, aged 10-13 years old.

So if you're an actor or actress or have always had a passion for acting, here's your shot and it's right here in Lubbock. Scene, character and script info are available at the production's Facebook page.

If you want to audition, the protocol will be to come sign in Sunday and wait your turn to audition with the producer and director. There will be printed scenes available and a reader to perform each scene with each audition.

Each audition will run five minutes. People under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

O'Steen has directed three indie films, commercials and shorts and says he still "strives at holding that same enthusiasm and passion for telling stories as I did when I was an excited 12-year-old looking through that Super 8 view finder."

How exciting to have something like this in Lubbock! O'Steen could have set his sci-fi thriller anywhere, but he chose his hometown. And not only as the story's setting, but using residents of Lubbock and West Texas for actors. That is so flippin' cool!


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