Eggs get a bad rap, and I'm not yolking. I spoke with Jennifer Gorman, who is part of the United Supermarket family, to debunk some common egg myths.

Egg Misconceptions

Some common misconceptions about eggs are that they raise your cholesterol, that they are fattening and that you should only eat the whites because the yolks are bad for you.

Citing research, Gorman explained that eggs provide high quality protein, which helps you stay full. Eggs also have loads of Vitamin D - also known as the sunshine vitamin - which is great for our skin, eyes and internal organs.

Eat the whole egg!

Again citing recent research, Gorman explained that there are much lower amounts of cholesterol than once thought in eggs. And the cholesterol there is the "good" cholesterol, which also feeds your brain.

The yolk, once thought to be the evil center of an egg, is actually the solid gold dancer, full of excellent nutrition.

Eating Dyed Eggs

Another myth is that you shouldn't eat eggs that you dye for Easter.

Gorman said that you should use a food grade dye, which United Supermarket, Amigos and Market Street stores all sell. And as long as you keep the eggs refrigerated and eat them within two hours after you take them out of the fridge, you'll be fine.

Watch the video for details on the 90-second egg and boiled egg facts and how to grab em and go, whether it's one, two or a dozen and any United.

So, there's some egg-cellent advice. Hopefully, we will all stop cracking on eggs and enjoy them and better health.

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