Brenda Duby, United Supermarkets Corporate Dietician sat down with me to talk about the health benefits of pork today. It may surprise a lot of people but lean pork can actually be good for you and makes a great substitute for chicken. Often, people who are eating healthier get tired of always eating chicken or lean beef, well now you can add pork to your diet and feel good about doing so.

Duby told listeners about her recent trip to a pork farm where she learned more about the pork process and the process from farm to table. Duby also shared some of the health benefits of pork. According to Duby, the American Heart Association recently certified pork sirloin roasts and pork tenderloin as heart healthy. Duby says those products only have 3 grams of fat per 3 ounce serving. They also have 22 grams of protein.

Listen to the video above for more information about pork and some great recipes using pork!

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