The other day we were at the grocery store and I was sent to get a loaf of bread (I do as I'm told). When I returned with the bread, I was informed the loaf was not from the batch made that day. That, my friends, began my lesson on how to choose the freshest bread.

All these years I thought those handy ties and clips on bread where different colors just to make them pretty. Nope. My friends, there is a reason they are different colors. Are you ready for this? The color of the tie or clip on a loaf of bread corresponds with a day of the week.

By looking at the color, the folks stocking the shelves know which bread to leave and which should be pulled and replaced with new fresh stuff.

Check out the breakdown you need to look for to be sure you bring the fresh stuff back to the cart:

  • Blue-Monday
  • Green-Tuesday
  • Red-Thursday
  • White-Friday
  • Yellow-Saturday

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