In traffic this past week, we were amused and a little horrified to see this bumper sticker on a vehicle in Lubbock.

The bumper sticker has a picture of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's faces, along with the phrase "Trump That B***h."

Even though it seems that Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton more of a run for her money than Donald Trump, "Sanders That B***h" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Hey, we get it. It's an election year, and people feel pretty passionately about their favorite and least favorite candidates. But while we understand the humor and definitely get who this person prefers in a presidential candidate, it does seem a little harsh and, like how Donald Trump himself often comes across, angry.

My main concern is children seeing this bumper sticker and thinking, in our culture where this derogatory word is already so overused, that it's OK. Or that the word is Hillary's actual name.

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