As many of us prepare for another back to school rush, its important to remember that there are families who have next to nothing right now. Especially those families currently being served by Women's Protective Services.

Women's Protective Services helps women and children escape abusive relationships. Some of these families have left everything they have behind, and are literally living with the clothes on their backs and nothing else. This includes their innocent kids who still have to attend school regularly, while their entire existence is in turmoil. So please, while you're shopping for supplies for your family, take a second to grab an extra notebook, or some pens, or anything you feel like donating, and take it to Bliss Bridal Boutique on 50th and Memphis, where they are always taking donations for WPS. Kristi Cook and her amazing staff will collect everything and take it to WPS for you. And thank you in advance for caring about our neighbors in need.

Bliss Boutique
Bliss Boutique

If you are in danger from domestic violence, or know someone who is, please call 806-747-6491. They are here to help, and can get you to safety quickly and anonymously.

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