A salmonella outbreak has been DNA traced back to the Conagra company. Conagra makes the Duncan Hines cake mixes. 4 of their cake mixes have been recalled in total.

In an unspecified area of the country there has been a small salmonella outbreak with 5 people reported getting sick. The company reports that the 5 people could have eaten the batter raw which may have exposed them to the bacteria that would have been killed during the cooking process. But that sucks because everybody knows the best part of making cakes is licking the spoons and bowls! Are you telling me now we could get salmonella from the greatest moments of childhood? Sad.

The company has issued a recall of 4 of its most popular flavors of cake mixes, and urges consumers to not eat the batter raw, but we all know we're still going to anyway. Hey Duncan Hines, just keep salmonella out of our food and stop telling us how to live!

If you have any of these 4 mixes you should return them the store you bought them at for replacement or refund. Classic White, Classic Butter Golden, Signature Confetti, and Classic Yellow.

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