The weather is getting nicer which means it's time for camp with canoeing, friendship bracelets, and s'mores but the local Lions Club will be holding their own version of camp. For the fourth year in a row the Lions Club will be holding their Annual Camp Bark and Brew which helps raise money to help give back to three charities in the community.

The 33 different Lions Club across West Texas will be coming together in partnership with Two Docs Brewing Co. and Live Oak Pet Hospital to help raise funds. Those funds will go towards the Texas Lions Camp, Leaders Dogs for the Blind, and World Services for the Blind. This event also gives regular people the opportunity to look into how the Lions Club raises money and gives back to the community.

There will be beer, including their new Joyland Pilsner, food trucks, and corn hole along with other family friendly activities as well as local vendors. For the dogs there will be dog races with different categories, a dog parade, and even some doggie items that can be purchased. There will be special Bark and Brew beer glasses for sale and will come with one free beer with purchase.

Registration for the races can be done online for just $15 or in person for $20 and all dogs must be on leashes before and after the races. All dogs wanting to race must have their shot records with them at the event. Camp Bark and Brew will be on Sunday, April 30th, at Two Docs Brewing Co., located at 502 Texas Avenue, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and entry is free.

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