Breath in, breath out, and shake it all about. No, this is not about the hokey pokey but a chance to give back to the community while working out and having fun with man's bestfriend.

Yoga is a way for people to connect their breathing and muscle movements together and better understand their body so why not add mans bestfriend into the mix. You read that right, Lubbock Animal Services is actually teaming up with Flatland CrossFit to put on one of the most fun workout experiences there is. Puppy yoga.

There will be puppies, obviously, along with the opportunity to adopt some dogs from the Lubbock Animal Shelter. KAMC news did report that the shelter, which tries to max out at capacity to 200 animals is actually housing 360 animals that are all up for adoption. Housing this many animals that all need to eat, play, and need time with people is difficult and this is where the Flatland CrossFit decided to step up and help.

This event is $25 to participate in and helps the animals currently being held at Lubbock Animal Services with all proceeds going to them. For more information and to let Flatland Cross Fit get an estimate on how many people will be at the event to just head on over to the puppy yoga event Facebook page. This event will be from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on April 15 at Flatland CrossFit where there will be mimosas as well as free coffee from Sugar Browns.

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