There are good ideas, and then there are really, seriously bad ideas. This story, falls into the latter bucket.

Let me preface by saying that we love our pets. Puppies, kitties, we treat them all like family.  Heck, my wife just bought a doggie stroller for our weight-challenged chihuahua so that we can take him on walks.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

Yep, we're that couple.

I do draw the line, however, at buying Christmas gifts or birthday presents from my animals. They don't understand the significance of the day and aren't going to get you anything in return. Except maybe a dead bird, because they're givers. Which is why this headline from the Daily Mail caught my eye today.

Covid outbreak that has infected 15 people in a small Chilean town started at a birthday party held for a cat

You read that right.

Apparently, in this day and age when we're all being browbeaten into not holding social gatherings for any reason whatsoever, a family in Chile decided to hold a gathering for the most ridiculous reason ever. A birthday party...for a cat.

Red british cat in a birthday confetti and balloons
Getty Images/iStockphoto

A cat.

Nature's a-holes.

According to the article, health officials initially didn't believe that all 15 people were infected at a party for a cat until they confirmed the story with the infected. I'm more than a little surprised that they didn't try to comes up with a better reason for the gathering, like maybe a good old-fashioned cockfight.

A Chilean health official said:

'It's complicated and it's a little incomprehensible, especially considering that what we have said in every way and emphasized is that if people are going to meet, they need to take safety measures'.

In all, 10 partygoers were infected with COVID-19 at the party, and another five people tested positive as a result of contact with the cat's owner.

And because we know you're going to ask, the cat for whom the party was thrown has tested negative for COVID-19.

Because cats are minions of Satan. That's science.

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