Nothing is better than spending time with the people you love the most…Your family! Family is really important to Omar and me, and anytime We can hang out with my family or even his family we jump right to the opportunity.

This past weekend we had breakfast at my soon to be mother-in-laws house with all the family…well some. Now if your family is anything like us then you know that there are a lot of people and tons and tons of food…So We ate breakfast and just hung out and talked! That’s the routine for us! Now this breakfast was special to Omar and I only because Omar’s cousin will be heading out for basic training for the Army this coming Sunday.

These videos pretty much sum up Omar and Alex relationship as cousins…they are very close and Alex means a lot to Omar! I’ve known Alex pretty much my whole life so it’ll be tough to say Goodbye for me too!

Okay so back to the videos…When the guys are bored they will do anything to keep themselves entertained and this time sure was a success! This challenge is pretty simple (well when you say it) but it can be hard to do, unless you have hardcore ninja skills!

(Nobody got hurt in this process)

The first video is Alex sits in the chair and Omar throws the tennis ball underneath the chair and it comes around and into Alex’s hand…its much cooler when you watch it!

The second video is Omar throws the ball behind his back against the wall and walks past Alex as Alex is walking past Omar and catches it behind his back…Like I said earlier its much cooler when you see the video!

Hope you enjoyed our family bonding time!

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