Today is a day that makes us aware that slavery isn't dead. It's more prevalent now than ever. And it's time for it to stop.

We are being encouraged by the Shine A Light On Slavery Movement to mark a red x on our hands, take a selfie and post it to our Facebook pages, tweet them and spread the word.

Human trafficking and sexual slavery are widespread, not just abroad, in places where Gary Glitter has hung out, but right in our own country, state and yes, even region.  Believe me, it's horrifyingly much closer than you think or would want to imagine.

It's such a terrifying, horrific topic that we want to talk about something else, like, 'What color is that dress, anyway?' But it's real. Men, women and our children are being used for unspeakable acts and being subjected to the most vile conditions and circumstances.

We cannot turn a deaf ear and blind eye any longer. Once we realize this is happening, we are burdened with the responsibility of knowing. We have got to do something. Donate to this cause or another one that helps stop human trafficking, rescues the victims and helps them transition out of a life of misery and into a real life. A quality life that so many of us take for granted.

Did you realize that children as young as four years of age are being used in this way Look at your young child or grandchild and know that children as young as they are, are being exploited in ways we don't want to think about. Their innocence is being robbed, along with their health and welfare.

Now we know. What are we going to do?