By now you've probably heard the audio where some people hear the word "yanny," and some hear "laurel." That audio has been proven to say laurel, because laurel is an actual word. But that's nothing compared to this audio trick.

In this one, you control what you hear by thinking about the word itself.

It's been proven that the yanny-laurel debate is over. The audio is of an opera singer pronouncing the word 'laurel.' That makes sense, because laurel is an actual word, and yanny isn't. But that's nothing.

If you click this link, it will take you to a Reddit page with a short video clip of a toy. That toy makes a toy sound. But whether or not that toy says the word 'brainstorm' or 'green needle' is actually up to whichever one you're thinking about when you hear it. Try it.

I've tried it probably a dozen times now, and every time I change which phrase I'm thinking about, that's what I hear the toy say.

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