The group No Kid Hungry has a texting tool for parents who may need a little help making sure kids don't go hungry in Lubbock. Just text "FOOD" to 877877.

Sadly many kids around America only have access to regular meals during the school year. And yes that's true right here in Lubbock too. Thankfully there's a huge nationwide program that's helping. No Kid Hungry is a nationwide resource to bring food to undernourished children. Just text the word "food" to 877877 and they'll ask for your zip code. Then they send you a list of places kids can get free meals. I did it and with my zip code There are a number of places ready to feed the kids.

This is the reply I got:

And don't forget that if you're one of the fortunate ones who don't worry about how to feed your kids, you can do the right thing and donate to No Kid Hungry to help those families who need help. Or even throw a fundraiser for them too.

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