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Fun Noodle Bar (6816 Slide Road, Ste 8, near Hobby Lobby) is now open in Lubbock.

As a carb connoisseur, I absolutely cannot wait to try their fresh, made-in-house, hand-pulled noodles. I'm also thrilled because I have never seen Dim Sum type dishes in Lubbock before. There are probably about 100 dumplings with my name on them.

The full menu is available to see on their Facebook page.

Since they only held their grand opening event on Monday, September 21st, there are only have a few reviews on the page so far. But right now, it's a 5-star noodle shop. Reviewers have highlighted Fun Noodle Bar's service, taste and just the fact they have actual hand-pulled noodles.

"Portions are more than generous and the staff is so kind they attend to your every need," said one diner. Another wrote: "The Bao is delicious. Some of the best I've had."

Not to be "that guy," but I've been searching for this type of traditional Asian food in Lubbock since trying it in Southern California.

Our friends at KLBK's Trends & Friends got some really scrumptious shots of the super-dank looking food. And the owner is so charming and excited to be here in Lubbock. Check out their video:

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