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Have you ever received a “left-handed” compliment?

It’s basically a way of criticizing or “knocking” someone, in the guise of actually being complimentary.

Well, this week…I was the recipient of just such a comment.

A friend at work was scrolling through my Facebook page, and saw an old photo that I had taken 30 years ago. I’m about 22 in the picture, and quite young-looking (I’ve always looked younger than my actual age). So my friend makes the comment…”Wow, you were actually a good looking guy!”

I paused, looked back at the picture, and said…”I WAS a good looking guy? What about now?” My friend kind of stammered and said, “Well, uhhh….yeah. But, you were really good looking when you were younger!” Such a classic non-answer…and the ultimate left-handed compliment. You can judge for yourself below.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

Younger Lance-Older Lance

To me, that’s the equivalent of someone asking if their clothes look okay…and al you can muster is a comment such as, “I like your shoes…” Yeah, that’s going to get you in trouble. Better to just nod, and mumble your approval. Trust me guys…the approval mumble WORKS.

Admittedly, I do still think I'm a handsome guy. I know that my wife thinks so. Or....does she?

But yeah...I did look better then. But, I’m NOT hideous. Or….am I?

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