This video actually made me amazed when I saw it. Sadly for me I was even more amazed when I started reading some of the idiotic flat earth comments people were posting. And sadly these people get to vote too.

Simply put this video shows the earth and space on all levels. It pans out from a lady's iris to the farthest reaches of space, then zooms back in to beyond microscopic levels to show how all things in the universe are eerily similar. Its very fascinating if you enjoy things like this, which I do. To notice the similarities inside the human body to the furthest reaches of space just goes to show how awesome life is.

Unless you read internet comments. Especially those from idiots who are part of the newly restarted flat earth movement. Those people are too stupid to be using our oxygen. But they are good for a laugh so if you're into laughing at absolutely absurd ignorance, then this post is for you! Enjoy.

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