Ghost Girl is probably the most talked-about entity at El Paso High School, but the school is also home to other resident ghosts, including a poltergeist.

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Welcome to another edition of Haunted El Paso, where we explore the most haunted paranormal stories from the borderland.

El Paso High School is over a century old, and while she goes by many names such as La High or the Lady on the Hill, it is also known as the most haunted high school in America.


Entities roam every single floor at the school, including the tunnels, Jones Stadium, and the buildings surrounding the school.

I graduated from El Paso High School, and that building has a special place in my heart, but the truth is that the school is genuinely haunted.

Throughout my four years at El Paso High, my friends and I would avoid walking the halls alone, especially the 3rd floor, the auditorium, and the old gym by the stadium because of the eerie vibes we'd get roaming the school.

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I recall coming across a misty fog near the mini-library adjacent to the main library, seeing shadowy figures, and hearing noises and voices down hallways when no one was around. Needless to say, visiting the bathroom alone was an absolute no-no.

Spine-chilling accounts include lights switching on and off, apparitions walking up and down the hallways, sounds of rallies coming from the auditorium, and many more paranormal activities occurring at the old gym and tunnels at the school. There have also been reports of slime on walls and mists, just like I saw that one day in the library. There is even photographic evidence of a ghost that appeared in a 1985 yearbook.

Ghost Girl


Photographic evidence of Ghost Girl dates back decades, including her appearance in the 1985 school yearbook. The class is visible in the school photo, but one girl (seen in the second row from the bottom to the right) looks blurry and out of place. According to the staff, the girl did not appear in the original negative but did in the developed photo. No one knows who she is, and her identity remains a mystery to this day.

According to the school's haunted lore, in 1922, a teenage girl committed suicide by slitting her wrists and throwing herself off one of the school's balconies. Not only have students reportedly seen someone near the now blocked-off hallway and stairwell that leads to the balcony but over the years have claimed to see someone walk through the hallway onto the balcony and take a leap only to see her disappear.

Ghost Girl is just one of the most active ghosts at the school and is usually photographed standing or looking out the windows of the 100+-year-old high school.

If the class photo of Ghost Girl doesn't give you goosebumps, then let me tell you about the poltergeist that roams the old gym.



If you saw the movie Glory Road, then you're familiar with the old gym at EPHS. The story goes that a few students and their coach back in the 80s started basketball practice around 6 p.m. when soon after, two heavy access doors violently opened. Thinking that the wind had somehow caused the disturbance, they dragged a wooden bench over to keep it closed. The heavy bench flew across the room a few minutes later, and the doors slammed wide open once again. The group ran out as fast as they could and never looked back.

Catholic Encyclopedia


During the auditoriums remodel, workers removed the steps leading to the stage and discovered an entire Catholic Encyclopedia set hidden beneath the steps. Why and who put it there - nobody knows.

The Morgue

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Not only does El Paso High School have a fallout shelter, but its basement once was used as an overflow morgue during WW2 and in the wake of the Spanish flu outbreak. The morgue, housed near the school's tunnels, is also the site of many shadow entities, knocks, bangs, and unexplainable sounds and cries.

Sealed Classrooms

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During a very heavy snowstorm, a few teachers and students arrived before the school's closure announcement. Alone in the building, the group decided to explore the school, starting with the tunnels in the basement. They soon discovered sealed-off classrooms with their contents perfectly preserved inside, including students' belongings. To this day, no one knows why the classrooms were closed off in such haste, but it's evident that they wanted to keep something from escaping.

Girl In The Blue Dress


According to the journalism instructor Angelo Plecluda, he and his students worked late on the yearbook one night when they finally called it quits nearly at midnight. As the group was exiting the building, the teacher saw someone down the dark hallway. Plecluda reports that he saw a young lady wearing a blue chiffon prom dress from the 40s or 50s standing by the exit sign. Assuming it was a student, he waited as the girl approached his direction. As she drew closer, the girl in the blue chiffon dress began to become transparent, and he noticed that she was not standing on the floor but rather hovering in mid-air only to disappear into the shadows.


Mirjana Ristic

The school's auditorium is also one of the most haunted areas as pep rallies have been heard in the dead of night when no one is around by students and staff over the years. Custodians even refuse to work after sundown because of all the bizarre occurrences that happen after hours.

Jones Stadium


Jones Stadium holds a lot of history, including being one of the top 10 high school football stadiums in the U.S.

R.R. Jones Stadium was built in 1916, becoming the first major concrete stadium built in the country, and it said that General John J. 'Black Jack' Pershing once rode his horse down the field to help celebrate the United States entry into World War I.

The stadium is also considered the birthplace of Texas Friday Night lights hosting the first-ever Friday Night Football games in Texas in 1928.

Jones Stadium also happens to be the sight of more paranormal activity, from ghostly football players on the field to shadow entities that sit in the stands to the sounds of a crowd cheering during a pep rally.

With so much history behind it and all the inexplicable accounts of paranormal activity, El Paso High School ranks high on our list of most Haunted El Paso locations on the borderland.

Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to Halloween as the online series Haunted El Paso brings you the most haunted locations and stories from El Paso and the surrounding area.

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