Hide your MUTOs, hide your buildings, 'cause 'Godzilla' is going to stomp again! Following a highly successful opening box office weekend, Warner Bros. and Legendary have confirmed that yes, the King of Monster will rise from his slumber to wreak havoc in 'Godzilla 2'.

According to Deadline, the studios confirmed the news on the heels of a $93 million opening weekend for 'Godzilla.' The film also grossed $103 million internationally, giving it the biggest opening weekend of any film so far this year, so a sequel seems like a sure bet.

'Godzilla' was helmed by director Gareth Edwards, whose previous indie film, 'Monsters,' only grossed $2.6 million in total -- but it was Edwards' sparse style and his focus on humanity and devastation in the wake of an invasion by giant alien creatures in that film that made him the perfect choice to helm 'Godzilla.'

It's unclear if Edwards will return for 'Godzilla 2', though the director has said that if given the chance for a follow-up, he'd exercise the same sort of restraint that helped make 'Godzilla' so successful. Inspired by directors like Steven Spielberg, Edwards smartly teased out the reveal of the titular King of the Monsters before delivering an action-packed finale.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for 'Godzilla 2'? We'd love to see Edwards could do with another 'Godzilla' movie if given the chance, and judging by those box office numbers, that might be the case.

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