Will and Lindsay Boreing are a pair of Lubbock musicians who are fairly well known around town. They were recently robbed, and the thieves took $11,000 worth of their musical equipment from their car. That's how they earn their living.

Will and Lindsay were heading to a doctors appointment the other morning when they noticed their car wasn't in their garage where they had left it the night before. Thieves had stolen their SUV, and with it all of their musical equipment, which is how they play live music and earn a living. It's like someone stealing your office and all of its equipment. So not only have you been robbed, but the main way for you to earn more money to recover has been stolen, too.

Two thieves have been caught and arrested for the theft and their SUV has been returned. But all of their equipment was gone, and in its place the thieves left behind a shotgun and drug paraphernalia.

So there's a GoFundMe page set up to help them recover their livelihood. Keep Lubbock loud, and live music plentiful, and help the Boreings recover if you can.

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