I like to be involved with as much charity as I can. And when I find a really good one I go the extra mile. Which is why I love the Walk In Their Shoes Foundation. You should see what they're about.

Walk In Their Shoes Foundation is a charity started by Natalie Craig to buy brand new shoes, clothes, and athletic gear for the kids in Lubbock's foster home community. These kids have been dealt the hardest hand of all. They are taken from their families through no fault of their own and thrown into a scary unknown world where they have no friends, no family, and feel completely alone. They arrive at these facilities with a trash bag carrying everything they own, which is practically nothing. And since the budget for many of the foster home programs is extremely limited, the kids also often have to be given used clothing items which don't fit well, and don't feel like theirs.

Walk In Their Shoes is changing that by raising money to get these kids brand new items that they can wear, that fit, that feel good, and that give them a sense of belonging. Plus it gives these kids a chance to get brand new athletic gear so they can take part in sports to really feel like a part of a team. To have some semblance of a family since they can't be with theirs.

Right now WITS is doing a fundraiser to buy these kids new stuff for the new school year. I've donated and I'm asking you to as well. Every dollar helps so no matter what you might be able to afford, we greatly appreciate it. And if you would share this fundraiser with your friends we can help these kids even more. All of the money raised goes to foster children in the Lubbock foster care system, so your money is helping your neighbors.

Please donate and share. These innocent beautiful children need to feel that they are still loved.

Thank you.

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