Walk In Their Shoes and D-Bat Lubbock present the 1st Annual Home Run Derby to benefit Christmas Shoes for the Lubbock Children's Home. And sign ups start today.

Walk In Their Shoes is my favorite charity based here in Lubbock. Their goal is to provide brand new shoes and athletic gear to the kids at the Lubbock Children's Home and the Texas Boys Ranch. These kids often are ripped from their homes with only the clothes on their backs, or maybe a trash bag with a few things in it. And with extremely limited budgets the Children's Home and Texas Boys Ranch often have to supply them with second hand clothes during their stay, which can be until they're adults.

So Walk In Their Shoes was founded with the explicit task of providing these kids with something brand new that they can call their own. Shoes and other athletic gear specifically for them so they can take part in sports in school and feel like part of a team, which can be hard when you're all alone and without your family.

So I'll be actively involved with every event that they have. And December 2nd will be a home run derby to benefit these kids. Registration is starts today and all kinds of teams are welcome including corporate teams. Or you can become an event sponsor. Any way you feel like helping is appreciated.

These kids are our future and providing them with the will and drive and equipment they need to be part of a team can have an immeasurable positive influence on the rest of their lives. Sign up for the home run derby today or get your company team together and get ready for December 2nd with Walk In Their Shoes and D-Bat.

If you want to see just how much WITS does for these kids, just watch this video with a warehouse full of shoes for the kids. This is awesome!

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